WebGL amazing things happening in the browser.

The holy grail as it seems is to have everything happening in the browser. I agree with this because it is where we spend a lot of our time and most of us know how to use it and we are comfortable with our browser. Plugin to browsers give the browsers more horsepower but WebGl super-charges it. I was playing with WebGl water by Evan Wallace mesmerised by gravity, light, reflections and waves when something caught my eye, I had Fraps video capture program running in the background and it was telling me it was ready for action in Chrome browser? So I started to record my play and you can see the result below. I have noticed that Fraps will work on some websites and in some web apps. Yes I am a fan of Fraps so it really made my day. Now WebGL is not working in all browsers It works in Chrome , Firefox and Safari I think you have to enable WebGL in Safari before it works. Have a look at what Evan Wallace is doing the WebGL water is just fantastic.