The Lost Castle more progress update

As you can see from resent videos the work in The Lost Castle is progressing, we keep on finding more and more interesting information about Mori Tadamasa’s original Castle at Tsuyama City Japan. This means additional fun, work and gives us more insight in to how the lifestyle might have been not only in the inner Castle area but also in the township forming around the Castle it self (today’s Tsuyama City).
Miyoko is creating that traditional Japanese feel to the project by adding animations, textures clothing and designs. We still have many rough edges to smooth we hope to be part of the Hypergrid soon We like you to visit us then and explore The Lost Castle. Vivox voice is enabled in The Lost Castle so you can chat by voice if you so like. Until then have fun.


Virtual Justice how and when in online worlds?

I spent the last few days reading Virtual Justice by Greg Lastowka. Greg is outlining legal issues that can happen in Virtual environments.

Who owns what? What rights if any do you have when buying or creating digital content?

It is important reading for anyone involved in Virtual digital environments. In large environments like World of  Warcraft and Secondlife merely participating or building your own business can be a hazardous task.

Reading the Secondlife TOS in it self is a bit of a chore to understand it not easy and for a legal interpretation you need to have a good knowledge of the law. A law that in many cases was not designed with consideration to Virtual environments.

I have spent the last 5 years or so involved in virtual worlds When I first entered Secondlife the platform appealed to me from a business point of view, many a time have I been told it is only a game it is not real….. SoI thank Greg for this

My point here is fairly simple: the person who buys a castle in Ultima Online or a plot of land in Second Life is, in all likelihood, not in need of professional psychological help. We should accept that people who are healthy and sane can be passionate participants in virtual worlds.

Good I feel better now 🙂

After years in Secondlife tossed around by Linden Lab trying to find a way to build a business that I could safely recommend to my customers, I welcomed the birth of Open simulator it could not have been better timed.

I now have the ability to run my 3D environment, that takes away a lot of potential difficult questions about ownership. The content is now on my own or hosted servers and I can offer my customers the same deal. With easy backup systems Ready configured Environments like the Diva Distro running your own Virtual World is all of a sudden easy.

I agree with Greg the of the owner of the virtual world looks to have almost god like powers with TOS that if you read them would scare most people.

Admit-tingly that same problems still exist if you are not the owner but renting space in an online World as is the case in WoW or Secondlife  – or does it?

As I see it, that need not be the case if you as a provider of the space at least include backups as part of the service to your customers. The Backups then enables the owner to start somewhere else if that need to happen (backups however can also create problems in the case of non copy items) and would naturally only work on the same platform.

With the advent of Hypergrid ( the ability to freely move between Virtual worlds) it is likely we will see lots of smaller 3D environments with avatars browsing virtual worlds similar to the way we now browse the www. This will put up more challenges for Justice in Virtual Worlds and will most certainly ensure that some of the Wild West mentality that exist will live on

Questions forming around copyrights are difficult. For example a large, complex 3D building is made up of from many components and will no doubt include items that are not all created by the designer of the final build, this is not much different from what happens in day-to-day life.

A digital item is however a lot easier to copy than for example a car, fridge, Tv or leather couch in “the real world”.

A well-developed marketplace for digital items anything from textures to final builds, an easy to understand permission system and sensible pricing could help.

Licensing under Creative Commons might also help to achieve Virtual Justice and pave the road for new laws for online Worlds.

I recommend:  To buy the book  or download please go here

Listen to an interview with Greg Lastowka   here

Online interview with  Greg Lastowka metanomics

Culture Lab  interview with Greg Lastowka by Samantha Murphy

Newsarama interview

SL Mesh Beta in test grid video clip

Mesh is still on my mind and with all rights it has opened our virtual world to lots of wired and wonderful things.  I agree with Gwyneth it almost feels like 2006 please read her thoughts here The Alpha Texture issue is FIXED hard to believe and I will test and test again  this really is a big step forward.  Back to the mesh I need to do more work in Blender to keep up with it all. Anyhow I put together a short clip from the text grid to wet your appetite for all things mesh, shadows, light and virtual environments . Have fun 🙂 Yes it is HD so if you have the bandwidth enjoy..

Projected texture and light

Mesh Cave

Ok I had to come back to this is like the kid in the candy store you have to come back and suck on that one you missed last time 🙂

I did not miss the “mesh cave” but I did not spend enough time in the cave so here I am again.

What do I think is special about this place created by Timmi Allen and owned by Leni Galli

well from my point it all has to do with light and how light is projected and managed.

“Mesh cave” does this really well, the new viewer of cause has a lot to do with this. Projection of Texture and light has been with us for some time but not published as much as mesh and other goodies like media on a prim. (Link and more resent video)

I took a few photos and you can see for yourself. It is hard to explain the details better if you look and make up your own mind. Remember we used to see light through walls and roofs a prim did not stop light. Here we are in a cave at midday and it is still dark in the cave added light make us see what is there added light also cast shadows and it is not projecting behind the distant it is told to reach …… me thinks pretty amazing. This is happening in the viewer so it works the same in opensim the only difference I noticed in opensim is the settings are not persistent so I need to add them after I I restart the viewer.

Projected texture, light and shadows to me is what has made an enormous difference to both to SL and Opensim mesh will be a big bonus on top of that. Fun times ahead.

Photos here

Mesh in Virtual Environments

Mesh in SL

I have been spending a bit of time in SL test grid playing with Mesh. It has been a crashing time but lots of fun and I have seen some great creations. The 3D warehouse at Google has an assortment of creations going from professional to the more amateurish pretty much the same mixture you can see in SL today. Will Mesh impact on SL and Opensim? Yes no doubt and over time it will be a good thing it will bring lots more content some better than others.

After having some initial problems on the test grid not having any luck uploading at all I found out not the whole grid is enabled for mesh upload only selected sandboxes you find them in search on the map “mesh sandbox”.

After that little mishap the fun started. When uploading a Mesh a Mesh folder is created in your inventory and lots of bits goes in to that folder during upload and if everything worked right an object will appear in your objects folder. Drag to ground and presto your first mesh import.

Textures are a problem (transcript from mesh office hour here) lots of imports will result in a crash but this is only the beginning.

If you see a yellow Chrysler Prowler in the 3D warehouse a warning it is very large like it covers most of the sim and maybe a bit more as I found out (took me some time to clean up mmmmm…)

What will this do to older viewers? As you know I use Kirstens viewer most of the time when taking photos or making a video. This is Lee’s take on the viewer

For the photos from the test grid I used The project viewer

More photos from the test grid here enjoy…….

Gone Troppo

More and more Avatars are going Troppo  It’s understandable  Going Troppo is an Avatar sort of thing to do.  A mix of constant SL sun  PinaColadas and hard SN  Rock& Blues makes people a bit Troppo. What are the symptoms? A lackadaisic way of  behaviour,  no care attitude, increased alcohol  intake  arms and legs moving in a dance sort of manner shouts of Bundy, Beer and give me more a sure sign of Gone Troppo. This symptom is often found around the SN Rock&Blues Club in Troppo . Dont Fret “The lost band of Troppos” are looking after you feeding you a stream of Rock , Blues and Explosive Concerts after all going Troppo is a highly desirable thing to do. Go Troppo  on the 26th of June 4pm PDT.  Scorpions will Rock you. Simone  April and the crew will feed you all sorts of  Troppo.  The Band will play  and you be screaming for Bundy and Beer…….. “Going Troppo is all about pleasure and Cheers”…..

Google Goggles and the HTC magic phone

My HTC magic phone had an OTA update today from Android 1.5 to 1.6 I have only had the phone for less than a week and it obviously had the older version of Android installed when I got it. I did try to force an update but no luck, then asked the friendly people at Vodafone to look in to it, the update come automatically today. It downloaded over 3G. Why? I don’t know The Wi Fi was on and it would have been my preferred way to download but no big deal.

I downloaded Google Goggles and started to play with visual search. It is impressive, I know it is only the beginning but still I can’t help but marvel at it all. I took a photo of my camera and in Google search it picked it 100% right. The barcode scanner also works well, even my tiny qr code on my Skype contact list scans in perfect, then with a tap on the screen the details are in “my contacts” just wonderful. GPS, Maps, Google Latitude, Gmail, Picasa and the rest all perform just like on my PC. Now I want to take some of the 3D homes we built in Opensim and place them on vacant lots of land, show them on the phone camera via a marker or GPS position, merge them in to the picture as some form of AR ? This might be possible with some help from 3DI in the browser plugin anyone have some ideas please ?? I think an interesting and fun way to demo new ideas in home designs, town planning and wot not……

You are dreaming!

Yes I know it has been said to me a few times “but I am not the only one” Working with 3D marketing and Virtual environments we try to imagine  the future so  “dreaming” comes natural. Will the Super NovaDreamer kit help us? The idea of mastering your dreams is an interesting thought.
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What Causes Vivid Dreams?
Take Control with Lucid Dreaming
The problem with vivid dreams is separating them from waking reality. However, the practice of lucid dreaming, in which you become increasingly aware of your dreams until you actually develop the ability to control them, may offer a solution that doesn’t stem from any of the root causes listed above. Oneironauts, or lucid dreamers, train themselves to alter their dream experiences to include flight, exotic travel, delicious tastes, and any other vivid experiences they desire. Researchers at the Lucidity Institute at Stanford University have developed a Super NovaDreamer kit that helps you recognize “dream signs” or signals that tell you that you’re dreaming. With practice, you learn to recognize and manipulate these dream signs to dictate the elements that will appear in your dream. It’s like a virtual reality game in your head.
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