Mesh In Troppo Secondlife our first thoughts.

Almost a week in to testing mesh @Troppo SL.

Mesh is by far the most complex change I have seen during my stay in SL, it is an exciting change. Is is good or bad?  I think it is for you to experience and for you to make up your own mind how, what and if you want to use mesh. If mesh can live together with prims and sculpted items in harmony all is well and I guess this exactly what Linden Lab is trying to do.

I don’t think that is an easy task, especially if at the same time you are trying to make it in a business like manner.

What is this going to cost?  There is added cost to include mesh.  I am not including the cost for software that you might need to create the mesh. You pay for uploading the mesh in the same way you pay for uploading textures and photos. The price for uploading varies on the complexity of the mesh.  As an example the Lion and Tiger (in the clip below) cost between $L150 to $SL200 to upload, the prim count for each is around 180 prims.

The texture for mesh can be as complex as the mesh itself or it can be simple what is right for one not necessarily so for the next and  the ordinary cost for uploading texture  applies.

How will this affect the performance of SL and Opensim?  Well I don’t know but I suspect that as long as we stay within the old prim count rules we should not see much difference. Adding a bit of mesh to Troppo Island has made no impact but we have not added lot of mesh so time will tell.  When you have a mix of prims .sculpties and mesh and try to determine what effects what performance wise, I am glad I don’t have to work it out. I have no doubt that the quality of mesh can be really good and  can be superior to what we had before. However prims and  sculpties are easier to build with. Lets not get too involved or technical,  lets us test more and get more knowledge, meanwhile here is a short clip to show mesh sculpties and prims living together in harmony:-). Thank you to Linden Lab for giving us the opportunity to participate.

The Looking Glass Tribute Band

As of a week or so back  Club Troppo has its own House Band performing at SN Rock&Blues Club. April and friends has formed The Looking Glass Tribute Band. I got together with April and asked her for some inside information. This is what she had to tell me.

Why a Tribute Band?

A tribute band is a lot of fun.. As a tribute band we can play any band we like.. or any request for a particular band. Robbert, Celith, Margie, Tiresias, and I have a lot of fun deciding which band we will play next.. and I love building the stages and mixing the light show. Troppo has many awesome places where I build and we practice.. We love Troppo

Who are the members?

We are all SL musicians. Robbert Sands directs the music and mixes the live concerts. Robb developed the mixer software himself and he does an exceptional job. He plays piano and keyboards. Celith Wendt plays bass and keeps all of us in a great and productive mode. Margie Lyric is the best drummer in SL. Tiresias Soothsayer is also multitalented. Tiresias plays sax and additional instruments required by the band we are playing. I produce the show, design and build the stages, mix light effects, and play the guitar. We are great friends and complete each other.

What do you want to give to the audience and how does the band fit in to this?

We want to give a great show.. and we all love what we play. And we want to bring a lot of people to have fun with us, at Troppo.. Simone loves having Club Troppo crowded.. and so do we.. the more the merrier. What we want? We want to bring people together with the best music in SL.

This look like a lot of fun what do you guy’s get out of it?

We have a lot of fun developing new themes, choosing the perfect band, mixing the highest quality recordings, creating light effects, and building from scratch… like magic. We love the instruments we play. Our band practices are surreal.. we laugh and enjoy them greatly.

What is the next step?

I am working on a magical stage for Queen.. Robb is already mixing the best of Queen’s live.. and Celith, Margie, and Tiresias are working on their instruments.. We will be ready soon now. Queen is a fabulous band to work with and a lot of possibilities…

When is the next “Great gig in the sky”?

The Great Gig in the Sky was designed for Pink Floyd.. now we are working with Queen, and The Looking Glass will play The Great Queen of Hearts….

How can I be part of all this? If I start a band can I come and play at Troppo?

You sure can. We love new bands and having great concerts. If you have a band and want to play at Troppo, please come and talk to us. We will request an audition as we do with all our DJs and will look closely at your band to ensure the quality of all it is presented at Troppo. As an example of the concerts we have here at Troppo you can scroll the videos at peffeper’s  youtube channel, and see what we are up to. A new great band is always welcome..

Thank you April I am looking forward to The Great Queen Of  Hearts. Good luck with building,  creating the environment and thanks for sharing.

Light and Shadows in opensim

I have been using Imprudence and Kirstens viewer in opensim for some time. Kirstens viewer is what I use for video and photos. I use the S19 viewers with shadows enabled. The latest build is a little shack in Troppo Club a 3×3 Diva distro grid. Shadows and the way a viewer handles light is fun and challenging and way different to photography in RL. The ability to control the time of day and East angle of sun and moon light is handy, in Opensim this works really well. Add that light (lets call it natural light)  together with projected light (works in Kirstens but not in imprudence yet )and you have a big say in how your video or photo will look. Projected light is light from a prim but unlike “a prim like a light” only projects light from one face of the prim (my understanding of it) you can give that face a texture say a circle and that will then become a spotlight. I will show some photos from the project I am working on right now in the next post to explain more.

Here are some photos of the latest build to show what Kirstens and Imprudence can do. The photos with fake shadows (shadows on a prim still hanging around ) are Imprudence the others are Kirstens no projected light was used in the photos this time.

Troppo Club Radio shack

4th of July Great Gig in The Sky Troppo SN Rock&Blues Club

The Great Gig in the Sky

It was an amazing 4th of July Party! The Troppo team ( headed by April) together with Sharkskull Baxton and his Angels. As one they made use of virtual worlds  best assets  it was just breathtakingly beautiful. The light show that Sharkskull and his team put together (pardon the pun)was out of this world. The cleverly choreographed show was delightfull to watch.  This event will live in our minds,  the Avatars that danced with the stars will take with them lasting memories of an outstanding 2010 4th of July party. Thank you, thank you, thank you….. photos

The Great Gig in the sky July 4th at 8:00pm SLT

Sunday, July 4th at 8:00pm SLT

ANGELS SET THE CONTROL FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN   This is a great chance for SL to experience for the first time the magnificent light and particle works of Sharskull Baxton and his Angels … dancing live in outerspace.  This amazing show is brought to you by SN Rock & Blues Club Troppo.  DJ WAYKOOL will present a superb Pink Floyd playlist and we will be dancing among the stars at TROPPO SPACE PORT…

SN ROCK & BLUES CLUB TROPPO   the hippiest rock&blues club and SL Showcase for prime music and entertainment destination ..You are invited… by Simone Nurmi, April Towton, Robbert Sands, and Sharkscull Baxton.

SN Rock & Blues Club Grand Opening!

Between 4.00pm and 6.15pm SLT Opening Party at SN Rock & Blues Club at Troppo in Second Life.
Simone Nurmi has put together a great looking Club and together with April Towton, Robb Sands and a small army of DJ’s the club is now in full swing 24/7.

At 4pm today May 8th a special Queen On Fire Live at the Bowl is reenacted, a new stage was built by Krank Washborne together with special effects. You are all welcome should be a good party.