Journey tribute concert and Japan relief

The Stage is set!

A tribute concert to Journey Friday 18 March at 1pm SL time.

Journey released their eponymous first album in 1975, and rhythm guitarist Tickner left the band before they cut their second album, Look into the Future (1976). Neither album achieved significant sales,[11] so Schon, Valory, and Dunbar took singing lessons in an attempt to add vocal harmoniesto Rolie’s lead. The following year’s Next contained shorter tracks with more vocals, and featured Schon as lead singer on two of the songs.


“The looking Glass” has put The Journey tribute concert together.

Lets grab this opportunity to dig deep in our pocket and help our Japanese friends that at the moment are facing an ever increasingly Grim situation, Earthquake, Tsumami and Nuclear disaster all at the same time. Please come along to the concert buy a Linden Relief Bear enjoy the music and lets send some good thoughts to the people who need our support  now.

IM me Per Pegler during the concert and I will include your avatar name in the credits of the Journey video clip ( will be on on this blog and youtube  the day  after the concert) I hope we can make it a long credit list. Please understand I wont be able to talk to you during the concert I be busy recording.  If you need any help please  talk to Simone Nurmi  see you after the show.


Just another brick in “The Wall”

At times it feels  just like another day, another brick, another  dollar.  At Troppo  we  reminisce,  we dream, we create and we try to look in to the future, we like music and we like to have fun. If you feel the same way you are invited to join us at Troppo on the 5th of June  4pm SLT and  Party to Pink Floyd, put another brick in the Wall. The “Troppo Team”  Simone, April, Robbert  together with Krank and Explosive Concerts will do their best to thrill you. If you missed The Queen Concert? Here is a little teaser, see you on the 5th