Pray for Japan

After the disasters Japan has had this year  it was nice to see Japan women s  football team winning  the World Cup in Germany. I hope that win  can be a turning point and that the  Japanese people can start to feel a bit more relaxed in what has been a horrific start to this year for them.

This MOVIE is composed of a lot of Art Works & messages from Virtual world(Scond Life),
to Japanese people who has been affected by the dreadful disaster.

Diva Distro D2 OpenSim 0.7.1 first impression

More good news from OpenSim late last week, Diva precented an upgrade of her popular Diva Distro a D2. I upgraded Troppo Club on Saturday and was tweaking settings most of the weekend. Impressed? You bet!!  Then a small D2 update Monday clearing some misconfiguration and all of a sudden it all fell in to place. This is really a huge step forward for OpenSim I only mention a few what I feel are major improvements named in no particular order of importance.

Coalesced items: Yes works fine.

I must admit I haven’t tried with lots of prims. I found out tho that in Megaregions it might be best to stick to the root region with other words what happens to me in subregions is all prims end up in one spot. I can understand why and as long as you keep that in mind no big deal. Btw this is of cause also what happens when you use the “Builders Buddy” in  megaregions.

A Builders Buddy work around:  Use “Holo Emitter”  prims are added in relation to a base prim and not toaa posittion in the region

good luck.

Media on a Prim:  Works fine for me this is great news.

Mesh: Is it possible to upload mesh Yes!

Remember there are lots of different meshes. You need a  Collada .dae file,  having said that not all Collada files work either not for me at least but I am no expert in mesh or Collada. I went to SL wiki and downloaded my favourite car, I know this works and beside that it is a brilliant design and a pure pleasure to look at. When I can upload this car and all works fine I know I am on the right track. Google warehouse is an interesting place you can find almost anything and lots of Collada files,  you will see some fantastic designs.


The Car

What is this?  Well it is not yellow so not a submarine but maybe it could be…. what ever, it is charming,  a good test, a large file.

The AirSub?

Mesh is not as easy as it first looks, it is however a gigantic step forward. Will it be disruptive? Yes I am sure it will be……..

Hypergrid:  Is Hypergrid working? Yes it is!

This is most probably the crux of the matter this is how we can communicate and exchange ideas and items between grids, stand-alone or what ever we like to call them. Without Hypergrid we will be building more and more walled gardens of Virtual Worlds I don’t think that is a good idea.

This version is not compatible with earlier models, as a matter of fact if you have old hg addresses in your database that can be a problem. Diva as a tip says delete the old addresses, delete direct from the database. I used wifi logged in as admin and went to link regions and deleted them one by one, might not be the way to go but it is working for me so far. I only had about ten or so links, so was easy to do. If you have 1004 might be a bit different 🙂  A milestone week for OpenSim an amazing Group of people producing a first class product with a minimum of fuzz.  Thank you an outstanding and wonderful effort.


An OpenSim week

Great start to this week and we are only at the hump by a few hours.

Opensim release 0.7.1 wow a big step for (virtual) mankind!
Kokua first release? (pre release something) I think great so we can all help.
Kirsten viewer Release 21.(7) RC4
Oh ..Yes something else happened the US President did tell us.( I make no secret out of this Obama is my favourite US President since JFK)

Opensim now basically compatible with mesh, media on a prim and all sorts of other goodies. If you for some reason did not take opensim serious, It is time to rethink. Opensim Development team is a group of highly dedicated people with a lot of knowledge and thankful followers that relish their work. Opensim team thank you, thank you again for your dedication YOU ROCK!

On the viewer front and this is as important as the opensim backend,  Kirsten’s viewer is now up to 21.7 RC4 for me the viewer is working in Diva 0.7.02 and also in the new 0.7.1 ( I use Kirstens mostly for images and video ) I had a few crashes but in between I also had some of the best rendering I have seen to date, so much it demanded new computer components all ordered for next week (yeah I know all a bit crazy) 🙂 Let me say this in regards to viewers when I want something to work, when I am building and all else fails I go back to Hippo I am a bit sad to see Hippo left where it is, I still like Hippo very much.

Ahh yes  this other thing… The President of The USA , However I for one do not take any joy in dancing on a dead persons coffin, I leave that for pirates long time gone ( or so I hope). Life goes on….

Now what is happening the second part of this week?  Maybe more opensim goodies coming our way?

ScienceSim Intel Stress Test 20.04.2011

Early start to the day 2am Stress Test in SienceSim. I really was looking forward to this. After a bit of a slow start the place started to come alive. Avatars and bots running in to each-other lots of fun. I did not crash once I stayed almost 2 hours. I used Imprudence experimental viewer with the shades enabled, draw distance at 256m, Ultra, captured the video with Fraps and the fps around 12 most of the time, not flash but I put that down to my ISP. I had the capture going for most of the time so have about 1 and a bit hour of video it all just worked. I have done a few videos in SL at our Club in Troppo when we get around 30 avatars we start to see a bit of lag around 40 even more at 50 it is not much fun fps are then down to around 8 to 10.

So today was amazing so many Avatars and it worked fine,I estimate that it worked as well as SL with 35 to 40 Avatars. Great work a truly fantastic sight to see all them green dots 🙂 Lets do it again!

here is some more of ” Spies Who Surf”

Opensim Kinect mocap.

The last few days I have been playing with the Kinect. I downloaded Jasper Brekelmans Brekel Kinect and bvhacker and started up my Kinect. Rock Vacirca has good info on  how to set up your Kinect

How is this all working? I think surprisingly well. It is not perfect and it will take some work to get it all better but a good start and heaps of fun. As you can see in the little clip I am a bit jittery well this could be because I only had 2 cups of coffee before I did this but more likely some settings that I did not tweak right. This is a 30 sec animation 475kb .bvh. I just found out  I can’t upload this file to SL they have a cap 60kb file size.  No editing was done to the capture. I  saved the file in Brekel Kinect opened it in bvhacker saved it again and uploaded it to Troppo Club opensim as a looped ani and that is what you can see. It is early days and I am sure in a short time  things will be better and even easier to set up. Thank you Jasper, Dave and Rock for all your work.


My setup is as follows

win 7 home 64 bit 8gig ram quad core Intel

Kinect sits on a tripod about 110cm from floor level.

I stand about 2 to 3 meters away from the Kinect, plenty of lighting in the room.


Journey tribute concert and Japan relief

The Stage is set!

A tribute concert to Journey Friday 18 March at 1pm SL time.

Journey released their eponymous first album in 1975, and rhythm guitarist Tickner left the band before they cut their second album, Look into the Future (1976). Neither album achieved significant sales,[11] so Schon, Valory, and Dunbar took singing lessons in an attempt to add vocal harmoniesto Rolie’s lead. The following year’s Next contained shorter tracks with more vocals, and featured Schon as lead singer on two of the songs.


“The looking Glass” has put The Journey tribute concert together.

Lets grab this opportunity to dig deep in our pocket and help our Japanese friends that at the moment are facing an ever increasingly Grim situation, Earthquake, Tsumami and Nuclear disaster all at the same time. Please come along to the concert buy a Linden Relief Bear enjoy the music and lets send some good thoughts to the people who need our support  now.

IM me Per Pegler during the concert and I will include your avatar name in the credits of the Journey video clip ( will be on on this blog and youtube  the day  after the concert) I hope we can make it a long credit list. Please understand I wont be able to talk to you during the concert I be busy recording.  If you need any help please  talk to Simone Nurmi  see you after the show.


Samsung Unveils Solar-Powered Zero Energy Transparent TV | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

This is an amazing TV  Zero energy from the grid  solar powered. The TV is a LCD  with a clear screen yep you can see through  like an ordinary window. Samsung is displaying it at CeBit  in Germany,  one more reason to go to CeBit Sydney  31st May to 2nd  June.  I love to have a look at this 🙂

Samsung Unveils Solar-Powered Zero Energy Transparent TV | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.

Troppo SecondLife has had a busy week

Queen concert

Busy week in Troppo and SN Rock&Blues Club

Robb’s Birthday celebrations brought Dee Timeless as a special guest. I hope we see more of  Dee she is a talented  artist and very pleasant person. The Looking Glass Tribute  Band  has been working hard to perform a concert as a tribute to Queen 40 years celebration this year… Yep 40 years ago mmmmm…..

The team today showed what they are made off.  It was a super concert for 2 hours some of the best and most liked Queen music. It was a pure pleasure a first class performance. I am so looking forward to more. If you missed it all I am sure you will have the opportunity to see the band in action again. In the mean time you have to make do with this little snippet to tease you eat your hart out Queen fans …..:-)

Sobering Chart of world situation

Interesting chart  I know you can do almost anything with figures and we all have to be a bit  cautious how we see this table.  However it  tell’s a trend and it tell’s us  something about places we  might not be so familiar  with. I lived in  Sweden, Canada and Australia and had a short stay in The Bahamas I have been lucky I lived in nice places. What grabs my attention is The amount of  people in prison in USA. Why is this so? Is this one of the reasons  why Mr Asange is so reluctant to go to USA?  After living in democratic  places for most of my life and having the USA a role model for freedom I am starting to worry …..  It is not easy to change but if something turns out to be wrong well we need to change, however  all the years of USA as the freedom fighter role model is still with me please do not let me down.

America in the World.