ScienceSim Intel Stress Test 20.04.2011

Early start to the day 2am Stress Test in SienceSim. I really was looking forward to this. After a bit of a slow start the place started to come alive. Avatars and bots running in to each-other lots of fun. I did not crash once I stayed almost 2 hours. I used Imprudence experimental viewer with the shades enabled, draw distance at 256m, Ultra, captured the video with Fraps and the fps around 12 most of the time, not flash but I put that down to my ISP. I had the capture going for most of the time so have about 1 and a bit hour of video it all just worked. I have done a few videos in SL at our Club in Troppo when we get around 30 avatars we start to see a bit of lag around 40 even more at 50 it is not much fun fps are then down to around 8 to 10.

So today was amazing so many Avatars and it worked fine,I estimate that it worked as well as SL with 35 to 40 Avatars. Great work a truly fantastic sight to see all them green dots ūüôā Lets do it again!

here is some more of ” Spies Who Surf”

Opensim Kinect mocap.

The last few days I have been playing with the Kinect. I downloaded Jasper Brekelmans Brekel Kinect and bvhacker and started up my Kinect. Rock Vacirca has good info on  how to set up your Kinect

How is this all working? I think surprisingly well. It is not perfect and it will take some work to get it all better but a good start and heaps of fun. As you can see in the little clip I am a bit jittery well this could be because I only had 2 cups of coffee before I did this but more likely some settings that I did not tweak right. This is a 30 sec animation 475kb .bvh. I just found out ¬†I can’t upload this file to SL they have a cap 60kb file size. ¬†No editing was done to the capture. I ¬†saved the file in Brekel Kinect opened it in bvhacker saved it again and uploaded it to Troppo Club opensim as a looped ani and that is what you can see. It is early days and I am sure in a short time ¬†things will be better and even easier to set up. Thank you Jasper, Dave and Rock for all your work.


My setup is as follows

win 7 home 64 bit 8gig ram quad core Intel

Kinect sits on a tripod about 110cm from floor level.

I stand about 2 to 3 meters away from the Kinect, plenty of lighting in the room.


Samsung Unveils Solar-Powered Zero Energy Transparent TV | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

This is an amazing TV ¬†Zero energy from the grid ¬†solar powered. The TV is a LCD ¬†with a clear screen yep you can see through ¬†like an ordinary window. Samsung is displaying it at CeBit ¬†in Germany, ¬†one more reason to go to CeBit Sydney ¬†31st May to 2nd ¬†June. ¬†I love to have a look at this ūüôā

Samsung Unveils Solar-Powered Zero Energy Transparent TV | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.

Troppo SecondLife has had a busy week

Queen concert

Busy week in Troppo and SN Rock&Blues Club

Robb‚Äôs Birthday celebrations brought Dee Timeless as a special guest. I hope we see more of ¬†Dee she is a talented ¬†artist and very pleasant person. The Looking Glass Tribute ¬†Band ¬†has been working hard to perform a concert as a tribute to Queen 40 years celebration this year… Yep 40 years ago mmmmm…..

The team today showed what they are made off.  It was a super concert for 2 hours some of the best and most liked Queen music. It was a pure pleasure a first class performance. I am so looking forward to more. If you missed it all I am sure you will have the opportunity to see the band in action again. In the mean time you have to make do with this little snippet to tease you eat your hart out Queen fans …..:-)

Sobering Chart of world situation

Interesting¬†chart ¬†I know you can do almost¬†anything¬†with figures and we all have to be a bit ¬†cautious how we see this table. ¬†However it ¬†tell’s a trend and it tell’s us ¬†something about places we ¬†might not be so familiar ¬†with. I lived in ¬†Sweden, Canada and Australia and had a short stay in The Bahamas I have been lucky I lived in nice places. What grabs my attention is The amount of ¬†people in prison in USA. Why is this so? Is this one of the reasons ¬†why Mr Asange is so reluctant to go to USA? ¬†After living in democratic ¬†places for most of my life and having the USA a role model for freedom I am starting to worry ….. ¬†It is not easy to change but if something turns out to be wrong well we need to change, however ¬†all the years of USA as the freedom fighter role model is still with me please do not let me down.

America in the World.

A use for SSD hard drive in Opensim and SL

This Post  is a follow up to a conversation that started on Buzz a little while back
Corsair 120gig SSDIn the quest for better performance and to¬†prolong¬†the¬†useful¬†life of my HP dv9000 laptop ¬†(Intel Duo T7500 @2.2Hz and 3 gig of ram now running Win7 64bit) I bought a Corsair Force series ssd. I replaced the old hard drive with the ssd and did a clean install of Win 7 home premium. OK I had some problems here, the copy of ¬†Win 7 ¬†I have is an upgrade from Vista so when activating the OS?-+ well I am sure you all see the problem… A phone call to Microsoft and a helpful tech person and I was on my way again (must say I was very impressed with the MS service) So the new drive is up and is blistering fast from the time I push the power button and swipe the¬†finger-printer¬†I am logged in and Skype is started all of 30 second wow I am impressed. I had to time that again and if anything it was 28 seconds. I compare this to my main PC also running Win 7 64 bit home premium it is a quad core intel 2.6Hz 4 gig ram and it takes 3.5 minutes to start. Not a fantastic comparison since the main has heaps more programs but still only about 70 gig on the C drive.

I think you understand where this is going I now have another ssd ordered for my main computer this time I am going to try a OCZ Vertex 120 gig more about that one in a later post.

TRIM is supported by both drives and TRIM is enabled in Win 7. What is TRIM and why do you need it this article describes that in full. The reading/writing of data to a ssd is a bit different to using a conventional hard drive mainly in the re writing of data in a non¬†virgin¬†cell TRIM helps cleaning the cell of old data making it ready for use as a clean cell. How do you know that TRIM is enabled in Win 7? ¬†by sending ¬†this command from¬†command line ¬†fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify. ¬†If the result is “0” TRIM is enabled. If not “0” how do you enable TRIM ? ¬†The best answer to that I found here. What about other OS? Zilla has some answers to that ¬†in our original conversation and a link to TRIM in OSX . What about ssd in Linux? I must admit I don’t know maybe if you have some info you can let us know?

Why this need for speed? I like to get my frame rate up as much as possible for developing machinima  in Opensim and Sl. I take full advantage of Opensim having it running on my local computer  and not having to drag the data over the net. Then to read/write to a fast hard drive together with a fast and efficient GPU and plenty of Ram I hope will make for a relatively good set up. Time will tell and I will keep you updated with a few clips as time goes on.

Myraid launches VM to run Android apps on other platforms |

The growth of Android OS is just staggering. I see Android popping up all over the place. It makes me wonder about Chrome ? Is Chrome going to work as an OS ¬†when all sexy pats are coming from Android? Or are they all so similar that in the end it wont matter? I look at my Galaxy Tab it is running Froyo or Android 2.2 ¬†it is IMHO working just fine ¬†it is fast ¬†delivers what I want ¬†and I can carry ¬†it around ¬†and yes it is also my phone. Will it upgrade to ¬†Honeycomb I don’t know and really ¬†will it make much difference for me no. So android as an OS ¬†looks like a winner even if not meant to run Tablets or Net books ¬†but hey it is doing it and doing it in style…

Myraid launches VM to run Android apps on other platforms |

Virtual Justice how and when in online worlds?

I spent the last few days reading Virtual Justice by Greg Lastowka. Greg is outlining legal issues that can happen in Virtual environments.

Who owns what? What rights if any do you have when buying or creating digital content?

It is important reading for anyone involved in Virtual digital environments. In large environments like World of  Warcraft and Secondlife merely participating or building your own business can be a hazardous task.

Reading the Secondlife TOS in it self is a bit of a chore to understand it not easy and for a legal interpretation you need to have a good knowledge of the law. A law that in many cases was not designed with consideration to Virtual environments.

I have spent the last 5 years or so involved in virtual worlds When I first entered Secondlife the platform appealed to me from a business point of view, many a time have I been told it is only a game it is not real….. SoI thank Greg for this

My point here is fairly simple: the person who buys a castle in Ultima Online or a plot of land in Second Life is, in all likelihood, not in need of professional psychological help. We should accept that people who are healthy and sane can be passionate participants in virtual worlds.

Good I feel better now ūüôā

After years in Secondlife tossed around by Linden Lab trying to find a way to build a business that I could safely recommend to my customers, I welcomed the birth of Open simulator it could not have been better timed.

I now have the ability to run my 3D environment, that takes away a lot of potential difficult questions about ownership. The content is now on my own or hosted servers and I can offer my customers the same deal. With easy backup systems Ready configured Environments like the Diva Distro running your own Virtual World is all of a sudden easy.

I agree with Greg the of the owner of the virtual world looks to have almost god like powers with TOS that if you read them would scare most people.

Admit-tingly that same problems still exist if you are not the owner but renting space in an online World as is the case in WoW or Secondlife  Рor does it?

As I see it, that need not be the case if you as a provider of the space at least include backups as part of the service to your customers. The Backups then enables the owner to start somewhere else if that need to happen (backups however can also create problems in the case of non copy items) and would naturally only work on the same platform.

With the advent of Hypergrid ( the ability to freely move between Virtual worlds) it is likely we will see lots of smaller 3D environments with avatars browsing virtual worlds similar to the way we now browse the www. This will put up more challenges for Justice in Virtual Worlds and will most certainly ensure that some of the Wild West mentality that exist will live on

Questions forming around copyrights are difficult. For example a large, complex 3D building is made up of from many components and will no doubt include items that are not all created by the designer of the final build, this is not much different from what happens in day-to-day life.

A digital item is however a lot easier to copy than for example a car, fridge, Tv or leather couch in ‚Äúthe real world‚ÄĚ.

A well-developed marketplace for digital items anything from textures to final builds, an easy to understand permission system and sensible pricing could help.

Licensing under Creative Commons might also help to achieve Virtual Justice and pave the road for new laws for online Worlds.

I recommend:  To buy the book  or download please go here

Listen to an interview with Greg Lastowka   here

Online interview with  Greg Lastowka metanomics

Culture Lab  interview with Greg Lastowka by Samantha Murphy

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