Rates up once again

I wonder for how long the rates will go up in our part of the world when they are heading south in the US. To me it looks like we are in a similar situation The USA had a few years ago. Maybe we should try a different approach……….. what do you think?
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The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has raised its official cash rate 0.25 per cent to 7 per cent, in a move which will increase the pressure on struggling families.

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Coal production hampered by the big wet!

The stream of Coal to Gladstone harbour has come to a trickle. With flooded mines and towns in central Queensland. How will this impact on life in and around Gladstone? Will Coal prices reach $200.00 a metric ton?
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By Angela Macdonald-Smith

Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) — BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance,
the world’s biggest exporter of coal used in steelmaking, said
some deliveries may be delayed due to “extreme” wet weather in
northeast Australia, threatening to drive up prices.

Coking coal processing and the loading of vessels will be
delayed as the alliance assesses the full effect of the
disruptions, Melbourne-based BHP Billiton Ltd. said today in a
statement to the Australian Stock Exchange.

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Google maps??

The Gough Map of Great Britain (also known as The Bodleian Map) is the oldest surviving road map of Great Britain, dating from around 1360. Drawn in pen, ink and coloured washes on two skins of vellum, the map’s dimensions measure 115 x 56cm. It has taken us almost 650 years to go from Gough to Google…..maybe we are not that smart after all?
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?Scotland assumes an unfamiliar shape, but the Clyde and Forth
are easily identifiable, as is Edinburgh. Throughout, towns are shown in
some detail, the lettering for London and York coloured gold, while other
principal medieval settlements such as Bristol, Chester, Gloucester, Lincoln,
Norwich, Salisbury and Winchester are lavishly illustrated.
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The Economy down turn

It is difficult to see that in a major down turn in global markets local markets can stay untouched.
This week the Reserve Bank will make a decision about interest rates here in Australia. 50-50 call many say, I can’t see how we can increase our rates when the US have decreased theirs with 1,25 in a very short time and when our dollar is as strong as it is right now. But lets wait and see…….
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“All markets are linked,” says Peter Rip, a general partner at Crosslink Capital, adding that the pain might trickle down from the public markets to large private companies and eventually to smaller start-ups. “We just asked every one of our companies to take a sharp pencil to their hiring plan this year. It is going to be a bumpy ride for a while.”

IN a blog posting this week titled “Downturn, Now What?,” Will Price, a partner at the San Francisco venture capital firm Hummer Winblad, said the recession could punish technology investors for succumbing yet again to investment fads and high valuations for companies without proven business models.

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Accross the Universe

I wounder What Et’s take is on this ?
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NASA Says, ‘Hello, Universe. Meet the Beatles.’
New York Times?- Feb 1, 2008
By Patrick J. Lyons If you’re out there in deep space, you’ll want to be tuning in at 7 pm Eastern time on Monday, Feb. 4 (plus however long it takes electromagnetic radiation to reach you from Earth doing the 186000-miles-a-second speed limit).
NASA Takes The Beatles ‘Across the Universe’ Literally
Beatles to be beamed across the universe Guardian Unlimited
Wired News?- BBC News?- FOXBusiness?- eFluxMedia
all 405 news articles??
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The On-Line Office

The On-Line Office

Why have one?189

It is a handy tool in communicating with customers as well as people in your own organization.

You can have eyeball to eyeball contact, mmmm well you can have Avatar to Avatar contact with the person you are talking with. Conversation via chat (writing) or voice, for voice you can use Skype or you can use the voice in the SL platform.

To share space on your screen  is far more personal than a phone call. A lot of Information can be shared on screen, video, photos, presentations, play recorded audio, at times it can also be handy to visit other websites, in world sites to make comments and compare content.

For your on-line business it is handy to have an office to keep your servers in servers for your rental properties as well as servers for the products you are selling. If the office is big enough it is an excellent place to schedule a meeting or a conference, the big advantage is of cause the lack of travel and cost involved with having to move from one part of town, state or country.

To meet on line for a quick sales meeting to start the day is practical. To organise a training program stretching over many days is also becoming easier to handle and more affordable to do.The online meetings can be both fun and educational the fun part is sadly often forgotten when it comes to training. The on-line office can be as relaxed or formal as you see fit for the occasion, redecoration can be as easy as a click of a button.

What about everyday business?177

A Real Estate Office as an example, sales people on-line can show property without having to move from their desk. If you have a 3D model of a property take your visitor for a “walk through”, point out vital parts of the design and building techniques.

You can exchange information and ideas just as easy in your on line world as in your conventional office.

Make an appointment for Lunch be it on-line or at the local down the road.

Yes this is fun and it will grow your business see you on-line 🙂

Troppo Tiki Village


Troppo Island is a modern Tropical community. However there is one side of Troppo that has a different flavour. The Tiki Village on the Southern side of Troppo has a more native Island feel to it simple huts, communal campfire, picnic spots, waterfall and plenty of places for relaxing and sun baking for more info follow this link

Troppo Design Furniture Open !


The Furniture shop is open. Simone and Kelly has been busy creating everything from outdoor settings to fine lounge room and dining room pices. The furniture shop has been a dream for some time, it is part of the design teams plan of creating an environment that in an easy way helps us bettering our design when it comes to Housing in our First life. To have a look at the new shop please follow this Slurl of cause to browse Slurl’s you need to have Second Life installed on your computer you can get a free account here

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