Solid State drives and some problems.

Back in  February  2011 I started replacing some of my hard drives with solid state drives.
The ssd’s made a tremendous impact on me, one brought my old laptop back to life one gave me wonderful frame rates when  recording video in Opensim the third one made it even better in a new computer with a new and faster gpu.
The love lasted for about a year  then things started to  go a bit sour. I started to have problems booting my main computer the drive just wasn’t detected same for the 2nd computer,  the laptop had no problems  but also had very little use.
I overcome  the problem with main computer by installing a new driver  so far  it look OK.
My 2nd computers ssd  died today….   I have not said RIP yet  because I will try everything in my might to revive it yes I have some data on it that I forgotten to back up. A hand modeled terrain for 4 sim and a few other  bits.
This is what I wrote  Feb 2011. The drive that failed is a OCZ vertex 120 gig drive  my other OCZ Agility 3 is still working fine after I managed to install new drivers to it  Link to how if drive has OS installed on it.
I don’t really think the brand of drive has much to do with if it is going to fail or not  but that is only my opinion and I could very well be wrong. I still like ssd’s  so much that I order another one to replace the one that failed This time I will try a SanDisk extreme 120 gig  more than $100.00 less in price than the drives 18 months ago and faster speed  I only hope the quality is a bit better as well.

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