“The Lost Castle” Temple preview

Additions to “The Lost Castle”, We have added a few sims to the west of the Castle town . They will be home to the township that is outside the  Castle moat. Miyoko’s 5 level Temple is part of what will happen outside the original Castle town. This is the first video I have attempted with Nirans Viewer I still have a lot of tweaking to do but I like Nirans . This is a Diva distro, at the moment it is not a megaregion setup  but  I hope that will be the end result. It is run locally  and has 26 regions at the moment the final product will be somewhere between 25 to 30 regions. The dense building is in the Castle town inside the moat most of that is mesh.  Further out towards the edges on the  a north side  will be mostly forest, west farms and rice fields,  south  and east  outer township  and farms South also has the mountain-range waterfall and mill. We are experimenting with  mesh and a combination of mesh sculpties and prims over all it works really well. However the problems with physical shape for mesh is still bothering us I hope we will solve that  asap. This is a short clip to show the Temple and  two farm houses and what can be done with Nirans viewer.

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