Troppo second life before mesh.

We started testing  mesh in Troppo main grid SL a few weeks back. We uploaded  animals and terrain  mainly. I think  we still have a long way to go before we can say  we know what we are doing  but we are heading in the right direction.
It made me take a good look at what  we have and how Troppo looks today  with no mesh it will be interesting to see how this video will compare with something  a few years from now.

Areas that I think will benefit from mesh is Avatar, clothing, nature and terrain. Since the advent of sculpted items we have seen a big improvement in the look of nature in form of better trees,bushes and flowers, all though I think most of that change did come from a saving in prims therefore allowing us to have more nature included in our designs.  Anyhow  this is how Troppo looks today we like the place, please feel free to visit us any time

Published by Per Eriksson

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