An OpenSim week

Great start to this week and we are only at the hump by a few hours.

Opensim release 0.7.1 wow a big step for (virtual) mankind!
Kokua first release? (pre release something) I think great so we can all help.
Kirsten viewer Release 21.(7) RC4
Oh ..Yes something else happened the US President did tell us.( I make no secret out of this Obama is my favourite US President since JFK)

Opensim now basically compatible with mesh, media on a prim and all sorts of other goodies. If you for some reason did not take opensim serious, It is time to rethink. Opensim Development team is a group of highly dedicated people with a lot of knowledge and thankful followers that relish their work. Opensim team thank you, thank you again for your dedication YOU ROCK!

On the viewer front and this is as important as the opensim backend,  Kirsten’s viewer is now up to 21.7 RC4 for me the viewer is working in Diva 0.7.02 and also in the new 0.7.1 ( I use Kirstens mostly for images and video ) I had a few crashes but in between I also had some of the best rendering I have seen to date, so much it demanded new computer components all ordered for next week (yeah I know all a bit crazy) 🙂 Let me say this in regards to viewers when I want something to work, when I am building and all else fails I go back to Hippo I am a bit sad to see Hippo left where it is, I still like Hippo very much.

Ahh yes  this other thing… The President of The USA , However I for one do not take any joy in dancing on a dead persons coffin, I leave that for pirates long time gone ( or so I hope). Life goes on….

Now what is happening the second part of this week?  Maybe more opensim goodies coming our way?

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