A use for SSD hard drive in Opensim and SL

This Post  is a follow up to a conversation that started on Buzz a little while back
Corsair 120gig SSDIn the quest for better performance and to prolong the useful life of my HP dv9000 laptop  (Intel Duo T7500 @2.2Hz and 3 gig of ram now running Win7 64bit) I bought a Corsair Force series ssd. I replaced the old hard drive with the ssd and did a clean install of Win 7 home premium. OK I had some problems here, the copy of  Win 7  I have is an upgrade from Vista so when activating the OS?-+ well I am sure you all see the problem… A phone call to Microsoft and a helpful tech person and I was on my way again (must say I was very impressed with the MS service) So the new drive is up and is blistering fast from the time I push the power button and swipe the finger-printer I am logged in and Skype is started all of 30 second wow I am impressed. I had to time that again and if anything it was 28 seconds. I compare this to my main PC also running Win 7 64 bit home premium it is a quad core intel 2.6Hz 4 gig ram and it takes 3.5 minutes to start. Not a fantastic comparison since the main has heaps more programs but still only about 70 gig on the C drive.

I think you understand where this is going I now have another ssd ordered for my main computer this time I am going to try a OCZ Vertex 120 gig more about that one in a later post.

TRIM is supported by both drives and TRIM is enabled in Win 7. What is TRIM and why do you need it this article describes that in full. The reading/writing of data to a ssd is a bit different to using a conventional hard drive mainly in the re writing of data in a non virgin cell TRIM helps cleaning the cell of old data making it ready for use as a clean cell. How do you know that TRIM is enabled in Win 7?  by sending  this command from command line  fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify.  If the result is “0” TRIM is enabled. If not “0” how do you enable TRIM ?  The best answer to that I found here. What about other OS? Zilla has some answers to that  in our original conversation and a link to TRIM in OSX . What about ssd in Linux? I must admit I don’t know maybe if you have some info you can let us know?

Why this need for speed? I like to get my frame rate up as much as possible for developing machinima  in Opensim and Sl. I take full advantage of Opensim having it running on my local computer  and not having to drag the data over the net. Then to read/write to a fast hard drive together with a fast and efficient GPU and plenty of Ram I hope will make for a relatively good set up. Time will tell and I will keep you updated with a few clips as time goes on.

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