Dynamic Shadows in OpenSim?

I have had a test drive of  Kirsten’s ShadowDraft viewer in SL wow very impressive.  Last time something had an impact on me like this was when I first looked at WindLight. I still marvel at windlight and I am sure the shadows will be with me for long. For a long time we have added fake shadows and light, it is hard to do and takes masses of time to get it right and in the end it is always second best to the real stuff. At a quick glance the shadows in SL will make an enormous improvement to the over all feel of the environment. I haven’t had time to try this in OpenSim but I will. I know Kersten has done a lot of work on this viewer Thank you very muchthe work is  first class.  Here is an easy  to install info by Vintfalken Now I am going to see if I can get this to work on Troppo Grid and OpenSim.

Think small to be energy efficient

Our attitude is the most important factor in conserving resources. To be aware of and understand  that resources are not in an endless supply. For every Kilowatt (kW) I do not use that energy is there for someone else to use. With new technology  and smart monitoring being energy efficient is not difficult. The size of  home we chose to live in is important from many aspects, original use of materials (the mass of it), energy used for day to day living and maintenance. An easy start to conserving energy is to think small

OpenSim, Space Navigator and Troppo Grid

OpenSim,  Space Navigator and Troppo Grid

I use Space Navigator in OpenSim on the Troppo Grid. I have had the 3D Connexion device for over a year now. It has become an extension of my left hand. My right hand still grabs the mouse, together thy work in harmony. You have an extraordinary control of movement with Space Navigator it did however take some time to get used to the gadget and after the first week or so it ended up in the drawer. It emerged back in my hand a bit later I started using it making in world Videos.


Space Navigator is part of my life now, I started using it building before I was crunching numbers I still am but as I get more and more used to Space Navigator the numbers become a final check only.

I have no association with Space Navigator people only wanted to pass on my experience with the device. As far as I can tell it is a very solid and functional aid in making precision adjustments and I have had no problems with it in OpenSim or in SL for that matter. Thanks guys for a great product.

Troppo Grid OpenSim 79m2 2 bedroom home

The 74m2 home has grown to a 79m2 house but now has a second bedroom. The two bedroom share the bathroom  with a two way entry. The second bedroom should be a good room for young children. The home was designed and built on Troppo Grid  The OpenSim  v The OpenSim platform works really well it is stable and so far I am very impressed with the opensimulator.org team  thank you very much for all your hard work.


Troppo design 74m2 home on Troppo Grid

The 74 m2 house is small to most of us it is far to small.  The house only has 1 bedroom and most houses today have 4.  As life change our needs do also. We do not always require the space of a 4 bedroom home. Most people do not stay in the same home all their life. A  small home might be right  when  you start  living by yourself and even later when sharing with your partner.  Raising a family might change your needs to a larger home and   later on in life you might come back to the 74m2 home. The home is easy to maintain, has a small carbon footprint and is well insulated for heat and cold.   The 74m2 is the living are under roof, 16m2 of deck ads an outside entertainment area highly valued in our tropical climate. If you want more information or want to have a walk-through in the house on Troppo Grid please let me know  I be happy to help.